By using the Global Nav Generator (GNG) of the AeroNav Association you agree to the following conditions:

- You grant AeroNav the right to use your data within the GNG until the data is no longer required by AeroNav. AeroNav might adapt your data as required in order to ensure highest quality files.

- Should AeroNav cease offering GNG, all vACCs participating at the end are allowed to continue using user inserted (non-AIRAC) data, which they had in their last generated release.

- You allow AeroNav to use your data in other free VATSIM applications (e.g. pilot clients, observer clients). AeroNav will provide a list of all tools that use AeroNav data. AeroNav is however not allowed to earn money with your data.

- You are only allowed to upload data into GNG which you are legally allowed to use.

- You are not allowed to upload any of our files anywhere. GNG/AeroNav file are exclusively hosted on the AeroNav Association server. Available for download on the AeroNav Homepage and within the Euroscope Sectorfile Downloader.

- You are not allowed to decompile or use outside the controller client any data without the explicit agreement from the data owner.

- We may change the terms of this Agreement at any time by notifying you of the change in writing or electronically (including without limitation, by email or by posting a notice on the Service that the terms have been "updated" or similar words).