About Global Nav Generator
The Global Nav Generator (GNG) is a tool that allows all VATSIM organizations to create, maintain and enhance sector files and other relevant files for controlling software (EuroScope and VRC). Special attention was given to the atomization of routine workload, to the validation and consistency of data and to the inter-organization cooperation. Hence a lot of data is taken automatically from Aerosoft's NavDataPro AIRAC cycle, the entered data is validated to ensure consistency of the data and relevant data from neighbouring sectors is taken into your sector files.

You can find some more information in our presentation from the VATSIM conference W14 this year.
Presentation W14 (pdf)
About AeroNav Association
AeroNav is providing services and tools to VATSIM members and organizations. A main goal of AeroNav is to simplify the cooperation and coordination between VATSIM's different sub organizations. The team currently consist of three people.
The AeroNav Association is an association according to Swiss ZGB §60 to 79. It was founded in October 2013 and is domiciled in Lucerne, Switzerland. All institutions of AeroNav are voluntary and the association does not intent to realize profits.